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UHV SPM System

There is a broad range of UNISOKU SPM system products. The table depicts the main area of application. The related product is just click away.

Productin briefTemperatureAFM
In situ
USM1200The „Classical“ LT SPM completely renewed with ultra long LHe hold time300K, 78K, 4.2K×
Dry -Cooled UHV LT SPM
5K ~ 50K×
USM1500Low Temperature SPM
High Magnetic Field at affordable price
2K ~ 200K×8T, 15T, (0/2/5)T
USM1300Ultra Low temperature STM
High Magnetic Field
0.4 ~ 100K×11T, 15T, (1/1/6)T
USM1600Ultimate Ultra Low T STM
High Magnetic Filed
25mK ~ 100K×soon11T, 15T, (1/1/6)T
USM1400Versatile SPM for Low&Variable Temperature 'open deck' Design3K ~ 300K0.5T
USM1400-TERSUHV SPM and in-situ Raman Spectroscopy3K ~ 300K×