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Stage Controller Unisurface SPC-STG

 Stage Controller Unisurface SPC-STG

Embedded ARM MPU achieves automatic controls and autonomicus motions.

Intuitive operation and advanced applications can be performed by PC.


  • Inertial-driving and static DC motion
  • Compact feedback control
  • Approaching (soft-landing) function
  • Embedded memory keeps as-set configurations
  • Stand alone operation
  • Communication with PC through USB
  • Remote operation by handsets


  • Micro probers positioning
  • Sample stages positioning
  • Manipulation of Rotation stages
  • Soft-landing of micro probes
  • Force curve measurements
  • …etc.


  • Six channels
  • -150V to +150V (positive terminal)
  • +150V to -150V (negative terminal)
  • 16 bit resolution

Signal Input

  • Two channels
  • ±10V
  • 12 bit resolution

Intelligent Control

  • Feedback control
  • Approach motion


  • Install CD
  • User’s manual
  • USB cable
  • AC cable

* Stage units are not included.


Items Specs Remarks
Size and Weight Dimensions W430 × D350 × H88 mm EIA 19 inch rack 2U size
Weight Approx. 8kg
Power AC Voltage 100VAC (50/60Hz) Selectable from 110, 115, 120, 220, or 240VAC
Current 0.6A
DC Power Out*1 Connector 4 pin connector × 2 Hirose RM12BRD-4S
Voltage ±15V Max. 30mA
Environment Temperature 5°C to 40°C (no condensation) temperature fluctuation < ±2°C
Humidity less than 60%
Drive Output Channel 6 Positive and negative voltages for each channel
Connector 6 pin Amphenol connector × 2 MS3102A14S-6S compatible
Voltage Range -150V ~ +150V (16bit)
Polarity SwitchableStage Individually switchable
Analog Input*2 Channels 2
Connector BNC (female) × 2
Voltage Range -10V ~ +10V (12bit)
Digital Input*3 Port Number 4
Connector D-Sub 15pin (female) × 1
Circuit TTL Pulled up to +5V with 4.7kΩ inside
Inertial Driving Pulse Type 4 types (sawtooth, parabolic, etc.) Individual channel setting
Frequency 1Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz Individual channel setting
Counting Pulse Possible Continuous, single-shot, any number of shots
Pulse Height 0 to ±150V Individual channel setting
DC Driving Rough Range -150V ~ +150V
Fine Range -15V ~ +15V
Speed 50V/s to 1000V/s Common for all channel
Feedback Control Input/Output Single input, Single output
System 2 systems Simultaneously controllable
Driving Type DC
Control Type Three-level speed Integral-control
Approach Motion Input/Output Single input, Single output
System 2 systems Simultaneously control unavailable
Driving Mode Inertial drive Switchable to feedback control after approaching
Proximity Sense Comparing signal to threshold 4 kinds comparison (UP, DOWN, UP & DOWN, SHIFT)
PC Connection Interface USB USB 2.0 recommended
PC Specs Pentium4 1GHz, 1GB RAM
OS Windows XP, Windows 7 32bit/64bit
Communication USART Virtual COM port
Multiple Connect less than 8 units Empty COM ports (below COM20) are required
Remote Control Handset UNISOKU handset RM10J Connect directly to SPC-STG
Control Pad USB type gamepad*4 Connect to PC (SPC-STG Remote software)

*1 Power supply for pre-amplifiers
*2 Reference signal inputs for feedback control or approaching
*3 Inputs for limit switches or external triggers
*4 Automatic shooting function or analog-mode are not supported