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Thank you for visiting the nanoscore home page. We hope to provide useful information to you as a customer through this portal. It is the intent to give a first glance at the portfolio of products and services. However, this is complex matter. Any web site cannot replace the value of individual consulting, which we as the nanoscore team see as our dedication. Please feel free to contact us any time by e-mail or phone.


Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) in combination with optical spectroscopies is coming more and more into focus of nanotech applications. Near field methods have already been reported soon after the invention of the STM some 35 years ago. But instrument technology around local and near field optical probes did not advance as quickly as STM and AFM. Now there is vastly growing interest in highly localized optical spectroscopies for the investigation of organic materials and molecular structure, as well as for molecular conductors, magnets and spin systems – more generally in functionalised molecular systems. Last but not least time resolution down to the pico second regime is becoming a much more frequent requirement in order to assess dynamic processes.

All this is reflected in the new highlights of the UNISOKU product offering:

The USM1400-TERS is the first commercial turn-key instrument in the market to combine state-of-the-art SPM with high performance Raman spectroscopy in situ in UHV. The instrument has demonstrated true single molecule resolution in tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS). Besides the specific TERS application, the instrument is highly configurable for a great variety of optical methods in situ with SPM. We consider it as the ‘optical bench in UHV’ for local probe methods.

Ultimate time resolution is provided by the UNISOKU picoTAS, which is a novel ambient Transient Absorption Spectrometer (TAS). Some 100 pico second time resolution enables unsurpassed access to photochemistry and to the dynamic spectroscopy of molecular processes and transitions..



nanoscore gmbh has been founded by Dr. Thomas Berghaus. The company is located conveniently located close to Frankfurt (Germany). The activities are centred within the scientific market. There are two main areas. The consultancy services address technology and market affairs, project management, and custom engineered solutions. The other area of activities is very much related. nanoscore supports manufacturers of scientific instruments for their market launch in Europe. This may range from consultancy services to active representations. Although being a new foundation the nanoscore team looks backs on more than 30 years of experience of individuals in science, engineering, project management, as well as in market and business affairs. It is nanoscore’s dedication to turn this experience in valuable support to its customers.


The companies name reflects its dedication. “nano” stands for the main target area in the scientific market which is all around nanotechnology. And “nano” is a synonym for precision. Precision is the guiding theme for the nanoscore team providing their service to their customers – and deliver. “score” stands for the commitment on result and yielding a merit. Altogether this depicts the mission of the nanoscore team: Deliver result and value to the customer.