Nanoscore GmbH


This web site is maintained for presenting information only. Under no circumstances nanoscore will neither asks for, nor collect any personal information through this web site. We do not employ Cookies or tracking tools, neither social plugins for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., nor like buttons, and neither we apply tools like Google™ Analytics or similar.

In order to make this web site available to public, we use common tools and providers. Similarly e-mails and contact information are hosted with a provider located in the European Union and being subject to EU statutory provisions (1und1 IONOS). The hosting is subject to their data protection policy and the therein mentioned subcontractors.

Any user of this web site may contact us through the mail links. On receiving a mail or being contacted in other manner, we will enquire, process and store with our IT system strictly the least necessary data in order to maintain the contact or to process commercial activities like enquiry handling, quoting, purchase orders, service enquiries etc..

In addition to the above we may process and store such contact data which can be found on public web sites such as company or institutions’ web sites, or contact data which are published in journals, attendee listings of conferences etc., and use these for the purpose of advertisement or newsletter mailings.

In any case the related personal data which are stored are strictly limited to: names, salutation, institution, position, the related business address, phone, fax, e-mail etc. data, as well as the related current or past business transactions. Only in case a person asks us to do so, we may store personal contact data such as personal mobile phone numbers or private e-mail addresses etc..

Since nanoscore acts as a distributor it may become necessary in order to conduct business that the above mentioned data may be transferred to our suppliers – but strictly limited to those supplier which we have a distribution or representation agreement in place with, covering the secrecy and protection of the related data to at least the standards of this Data Protection Statement.

Any time an individual may enquire about the related data stored, or require erasing the related data, or be de-listed from advertising or newsletter mailings by sending such requirement as an e-mail to the address  . On receipt, we will follow the request as far as no other provisions prohibit us to do so (i.e. mandatory periods of record-keeping).

Our IT systems are kept in safe environments. Any workstation or server is password protected. We use up to date anti-spy and anti-virus software, and employees are kept informed about safe data handling.