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Probes for STM and Multi-Probe Electrical Measurement

Probes for STM and Multi-Probe Electrical Measurement

The stability of STM measurements is greatly influenced by the quality of the probe. Namely, good STM measurement results often cannot be obtained due to variances in the probe tip diameter, contamination of the probe surface, or flaws in cleaning process. UNISOKU has successfully developed nickel and platiniridium STM probes using an electropolishing method that can solve these problems by yielding fine tip diameters with minimal contamination. Our metal probes allow you to experience a higher level of stability than it was possible in the past. Our conventional tungsten probes are also still available.

All UNISOKU Probes are manufactured and quality controlled to highest standards. Specialised versions are available for STM as well as for MultiProbe contact measurements.

Common features to all Probes are


  • cone shape with total length of ~10mm
  • safely packaged in a set of 10 Probes (the standard sales unit)

Tungsten Probe – the most common for UHV STM


Order Code P-100WS
Material Polycrystalline Tungsten 0.25 mm dia.
Finish electro-polishing
Apex Radius <35 nm
Application STM measurement
Note removal of oxide layer requires in situ treatment.


Platin Iridium Probe (Mechanical Grind) – universal and most cost effective


Order Code P-50 PtIr
Material poly crystalline PtIr 0.50 mm dia.
Finish mechanical grind
Apex Radius about 50 nm typical
Application STM measurement/multi-probe electrical contact measurement


Platin Iridium Probe (Electro-polished) – sharp apex radius, reproducible performance

When time-to-results matters, then the extra expense for these high performance probes is justified. Particularly in Low Temperature STM the overhead times for trying various tips can be disruptive for the experiment. These probes deliver better yield and reproducibility with fewer trials.


Order Code P-100PtIr(S)
Material poly crystalline PtIr 0.50 mm dia.
Finish electro-polishing after mechanical grind
Apex Radius <20 nm (sample SEM inspected)
Application STM, low temperature, spectroscopy(for multi-probe electrical measurements use especially selected probes: P-100PtIr(P))