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XYZ 3-axis Nano-manipulator/prober UP-100U

 XYZ 3-axis Nano-manipulator/prober UP-100U

UP-100U is a manipulator that can travel in the X, Y, and Z axis at the nanometer level. In combination with SEM/FIB/optical microscopes that are on the market, it can be used in a variety of ways such as manipulating/probing on a micrometer/nanometer scale.

Accurate and Easy Operation

Compatible with Windows PC. You can position things quickly and accurately by switching between the coarse (pulse mode) and fine (DC mode) travel settings.

Works in a Wide Range of Operating Environments

This device can be used in a wide range of operation/measurement environments; from atmospheric pressure to ultrahigh vacuum, and from room temperature to very low temperatures.

High Cost Performance

High functionality/high performance and low cost are both achieved.

Many Uses

This device can be used for various applications, such as nano-manipulation with a single unit and/or probing with multiple units.

  • Nano-manipulation
  • Probing (IV measurement of semi-conductor nano-devices, resistance measurement, EBIC measurement)
  • Wide range of applications on a micrometer/nanometer scale


Basic Components
Main unit 1 unit
Controller 1 unit
Accessories 1 set
Windows laptop 1 (OPTIONAL)
1. Main Unit
Maximum Travel Distance
Pulse (Coarse) Mode X and Y axes 5mm
Z axis 3mm
DC (Fine) Mode X and Y axes 1μm
Z axis 1μm
Minimum Travel Distance (Resolution)
Pulse (Coarse) Mode 150nm or less (XYZ axes)
DC (Fine) Mode 0.5nm or less (XYZ axes)
Operating Environment
Temperature 4K ~ 310K, baking temperature: 373 K or less
Pressure Near atmospheric pressure or 10-2 Pa – 10-8 Pa
(Due to discharge from piezoelectric elements, this device cannot be used in certain vacuum environment ranges)
Connection Cable (Output) Standard control terminal (Dsub-15) 2m/1set
* Works in ultrahigh vacuum/low temperature (job order production) 2m/ 1set
Body Dimensions (Approx. Includes Protrusion) 25mm(H) × 50mm(D) × 20mm(W)
Main body (without probes)
Body Weight less than 60g
Main body (without the attachment base)
2. Controller
Input Voltage 100 VAC (50/60 Hz) (the other input voltage: option)
Power Consumption 100 VA or less
Temperature Range +5°C ~ +40°C
Humidity Range 15% ~ 80%
Input/Output Control terminal (Dsub-15)
Dimensions 480mm(W) × 100mm(H) × 460mm(D)
Weight less than 6kg
3. Accessories
Standard Control Software CD-ROM 1
Connection Cable (USB) Windows PC/Controller 1 (3m)
Connection Cables Controller (5m) 1 (5m) (connectors are separate)
AC Cable (1.5m) 1 (1.5m)
4. Windows Laptop (Optional)
OS Windows XP
Interface USB (device uses 1 port)
CD-ROM Drive 1
Memory 512MB or more
HDD 10GB or more