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Low Temperature UHV SPM System USM1400

Low Temperature UHV SPM System USM1400
  • High Resolution Non-Contact AFM with q-Plus™ Technology
  • Tunneling Spectroscopy (STS, IETS)
  • Single molecule spectroscopy
  • Spin polarised STM
  • Unsurpassed access to tip and sample
  • Optical tip navigation with µm-resolution
  •  ‘open deck’ cryostat design for user designed experiments


Scan Range at RT

( X / Y / Z)  =  ( 5 / 5 / 0.4 ) μm

Scan Range at 4K

( X / Y / Z)  =  ( 1 / 1 / 0.15 ) μm

Coarse Motion Range

2mm in X and Y


‘open deck’ design with cryo vessel underneath the SPM stage

Space for mounting customised in-situ optical elements on cold deck

Cryo vessel plus cold stage with flow cooling and counter heating flow cooled radiation shields

L4He  operation 5K to 80K by counter heating

LN2  operation from  80K up to room temperature

Needle Valve Option

Operation between 2.5K and 5K by flow control through a needle valve and up to 80K by counter heating

AFM Option

High Resolution Non-Contact AFM with q-plus Technology

Magnet Option

SC Magnet behind sample

( X / Y / Z)  =  ( 0 / 0 / 0.5 ) Tesla

High Resolution Optical Microscope Option

Tip Navigation with Resolution in the µm Range

close up lens stage on 3 axes positioner for high resolution viewing of tip and sample

ideal for optical navigation on µm structures

Customised close-up Optics

Optical Bench for User Designed Experiments

Contact us to explore possibilities of lens mountings, RF and micro wave mirrors

UHV System

Load Lock Chamber, Preparation Chamber, STM Chamber


E-Beam Heating for sample and tip
Argon Ion Sputter Source
Cooled Manipulator for Preparation Chamber
deposition sources
Nanonis™ SPM Control System