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UHV SPM System

There is a broad range of UNISOKU SPM system products. The table depicts the main area of application. The related product is just click away.

Productin briefTemperatureAFM
In situ
USM1000Room Temperature SPM300K×
USM1200The „Classical“ LT SPM300K, 78K, 4.2K×

Low&Variable Temperature SPM
Low LHe Consumption
Versatile Access to Tip and Sample
1.2 ~ 300K3T
USM1500Low Temperature SPM
High Magnetic Field at affordable price
2K ~ 200K×8T, 15T, (0/2/5)T
USM1300Ultra Low temperature STM
High Magnetic Field
0.4 ~ 100Ksoon×11T, 15T, (1/1/6)T
USM1600Ultimate Ultra Low T STM
High Magnetic Filed
25mK ~ 100K×11T, 15T, (1/1/6)T
USM1400Versatile SPM for Low&Variable Temperature 'open deck' Design3K ~ 300K0.5T
USM1400-TERSUHV SPM and in-situ Raman Spectroscopy3K ~ 300K×
USM1400-4PUHV 4-Probe STM
Optical or SEM Navigation
3K ~ 300K×