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JT-SPM UHV Low Temperature Joule Thomson SPM System

JT-SPM UHV Low Temperature Joule Thomson SPM System
  • High resolution STM
  • High speed AFM with Kolibri Sensor™
  • In-situ deposition
  • Tunneling Spectroscopy (STS, IETS)
  • Single molecule spectroscopy
  • Super conducting gap spectroscopy
  • Spin polarised STM


Scan Range at RT

( X / Y / Z)  =  (22 / 22 / 2,3) μm

Scan Range at 4K

( X / Y / Z)  =  (4 / 4 / 0,4) μm

Coarse Motion Range

( X / Y / Z) = (4 / 4 / 20) mm


Position read out by capacitive sensors

Kolibri™  AFM Option

1 MHz quartz ocillator technology
Low noise high speed measurement
High force sensitivity

Low Consumption Cryostat

Joule Thomson cooling down to ~1.2K
Triple thermal shielding for low LHe consumption
Sophisticated shutter mechanism for in-situ access
cold sample storage: 4x at LN2 shield, (1x at 4K optional)

Access to tip and sample

High resolution optics for tip navigation
3x optical ports for tip and sample observation
2x Laser access ports for spectroscopy
4x ports for deposition onto the cold sample

Magnet Option

( X / Y / Z)  =  ( 0 / 0 / 3 ) Tesla

UHV System

Load Lock Chamber, Preparation Chamber, STM Exchange


E-Beam Heating for sample and tip
Argon Ion Sputter Source
Cooled Cleaving Unit for STM Exchange Chamber
Cooled Manipulator for Preparation Chamber
Nanonis™ SPM Control System