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Gold (Au) Deposition Film on Mica Substrate AU15M

A gold (Au) deposition film on a mica substrate is the optimum substrate for scanning probe microscopy of monomolecular films

Typical STM Image [ 1×1μm ]

Typical STM Image [ 1×1μm ]

The Herringbone Structure [250×250nm]

The Herringbone Structure [250×250 nm]


  • Mica substrate size: 15 × 15 mm (Standard) standard size (available up to 20×30 mm)
  • Mica thickness: 60 ~ 120 μm
  • Gold (Au) film thickness: 100 ~ 150 nm
  • Can be cut by using a sharp pair of scissors

Heat Treatment

A heat-treatment around 700°C to the sample shall be applied before use. Please use a hydrogen or butane flame in air to obtain a gold surface with Au (111) terraces and the characteristic herringbone structure