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Low Temperature UHV STM System USM1400 4P

Low Temperature UHV STM System USM1400 4P
  • 4-Probe nano device testing
  • Navigation by high resolution SEM or optical microscope
  • 4x atomic resolution STM and AFM (q-Plus™ Technology)
  • Electron mobility measurements at low temperature
  • Optical or e-beam induced conductivity measurements

STM (each of the four)

Scan Range at RT

( X / Y / Z) = ( 2 / 2 / 1 ) μm

Coarse Range

3mm in X, Y and Z

Sample Coarse Range

3mm in X and Y

Atomic resolution on HOPG


Cryo vessel plus cold stage with flow cooling and counter heating flow cooled radiation shields
Operation between 2.5K and 4K by flow control through a needle valve
L4He operation up to 80K by counter heating
LN2 operation from 80K up to room temperature


High Resolution SEM

10nm with Orsay Physics™ Eclipse Plus™ electro static column with TFE

High Resolution Optical Microscope

5µm resolution with high performance close-up video camera

SEM Resolution


UHV System

Load Lock Chamber, Preparation Chamber, STM Chamber

Base Pressure

below 1.3 x 10-8Pa (1.3 x 10-10mBar )
Load Lock 5 x 10-5Pa ( 5 x 10-7mBar )


E-Beam Heating for sample and tip
Argon Ion Sputter Source